In October 2018, the 65th Annual Anciens’ Conference was held in Rome. Due to the impossibility to participate in the conference, the organization was presented  by the Bulgarian representative, Col. Milkov.

On May 22 this year the Confederation of Public Organizations of Security and Defense and the “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation organized a conference  “Bulgaria in the Common European Defense”. NDCAA members  took part in the conference. During the conference тhe president of the Association  presented an analysist on social policy in the armed forces.

NDCAA  took part in the action for collecting  signatures  against the established ceiling of pensions.

The Association took part in the national assembly of the reserve officers,  held in September 2018 in Kazanlak. A presentation on the problems of social policy in the armed forces was presented by the president of NDCAA.

 NDCAA joined an initiative to unite the reserve officers organizations. A draft Charter for National Unification of Military Patriotic Organizations is under discussion.