Who are we

Who We Are?

The NATO Defense College Anciens’ Association in Bulgaria (NDC AA – Bulgaria) was founded on 19 June 2001 as a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit and Non-Partisan organization according to the Bulgarian Law by Bulgarian officers, graduates of the NATO Defense College in Rome. In addition, the NDCAA – Bulgaria is a part of the NATO Defense College International Anciens’ Association.

The structure of the NDC AA – Bulgaria:

Managing bodies are General Assembly and Governing Council. To become à regular member of the NDC AA – Bulgaria the candidate should has graduated from the NATO Defense College (NDC) in Rome. It is possible for extraordinary and significant contributions to Bulgarian accession in NATO and to the Association, some persons to be awarded as NDC AA -Bulgaria “Member of Honour” or “Associated Member”.

Up to now, regular members of the Association are military officers working with the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov”  and Bulgarian Missions abroad. There is one civilian expert working as Chief Executive Officer and also, other technical personnel appointed.

Managing team of NDCAA- Bulgaria:

Col. Ivan Ivanov – President
Colonel Eng. Ivan Vassilev Ivanov is President of the NATO Defense College Anciens’ Association in Bulgaria since the establishment of the Association in 2001.
He graduated from Military Artillery Academy, Shoumen, Bulgaria, M. Sc. (Military Science specialty ” Command Staff – Field Artillery”) and civil qualification -Electronic Calculating Systems Engineer. He attended – G.S.Rakovsky Defense and Staff College, Sofia, Bulgaria cum laude, 1984-1986.
In 1998 Colonel Eng. Ivanov completed the course for senior officers in NATO DEFENCE COLLEGE in Rome, Italy. In addition he completed different courses in “Prevention of conflicts and crises management” and “Ðåàñå operations” in Vienna – Austria and Oberammergau, Germany in 1996 – 2001.
In 1996-1997 Colonel. Ivan Ivanov – serve as an UN Military observer and at different high-ranking positions at the UN mission in Tajikistan.

Col. Plamen Halachev – Vice-President
Col. Plamen Halachev is Vice-President of NDCAA – Bulgaria, as well as one of the founders of the Association.
He has graduated from High Military School “V. Levski” – Veliko Turnovo. He spent his officer service in the garrisons at Harmanli, Stara Zagora and Sofia.
Col. Halachev graduated from NATO Defense College in 1999. He passed through qualification courses at Holland Kingdom Defense College and at Defense Resources Management Institute in Monterey, California.

Captain Yantsislav Yanakiev – Secretary
Captain Yantsislav Yanakiev is senior research associate and chief of section in Defense Advanced Research Institute of Rakovski Defense and Staff College in Sofia, Bulgaria.
He graduated from Naval Academy in Varna in 1982 and got Ph.D. degree in sociology from Institute of Sociology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1995.
Captain Yanakiev was a NATO Defense College Fellow in 1999. In addition he specialized in Cologne University in 2001. He is author of more than 30 monographs and articles published both in Bulgarian research journals and abroad.
Captain Yanakiev is a member of International Sociological Association – Research Committee “Armed Forces and Society”, European Research Group on Military and Society (ERGOMAS) and Secretary of NATO Defense College Anciens’ Association in Bulgaria since its establishment in 2001.

Col. Iliya Milushev – Member of the Governing Council
Col. Iliya Milushev is Chief of Department “Operation compatibility” at Board ”Planning and development of Bulgarian Airforces” at the Air force Headquarters.
He graduated from High Military National Air force School “G. Benkovski” – Dolna Mitropoliya, Bulgaria in 1982, Military Academy “G. S. Rakovski” in 1994 and NATO Defense College in Rome,Italy in 2000.
During his service he passed through all basic (main) (major) posts – from (second pilot – line pilot – junior pilot) to commander (commanding officer) of an air base.
He is a member of NATO Defense College Anciens Association in Rome since its establishment in 2001. Member of the Governing Council – since 2002.

Dr. Krastyu Ilov – Executive Director and Member of the Governing Council
Ambassador Krustyu Ilov is a councillor in parliamentary group “National ideal of unity”.
He graduated from Moskow State Institute For International Relations, Faculty “Internetional Relations” in 1974 and Diplomatic Academy in 1990 – Moscow.
In 1990 he made a dissertation for Doctor degree at subject (on topic) “External policy of Lebanon and integration processes of Magreba” at Diplomatic academy – Moskow and received scientific degree – Doctor of historic science.
In the period 1993 – 1999 he is ambassador in Lebanon and in 2001 – candidate for vice-president of Republic of Bulgaria. Ambassador Dr. Krustyu Ilov is Executive Director of NDCAA – Bulgaria since 2001 and member of the Governing Coucil since 2003.

Yanko Yankov – Member of the Governing Council

There are several expert’ groups formed in the framework of the NDC AA – Bulgaria to work out different projects. They include profiled specialists depending on the topics of the projects. There is no requirement for them to be NDC AA – Bulgaria member.

The auditory of the NDC AA – Bulgaria:

In accordance with NATO Defense Col1ege and other national associations’ practice, Bulgarian auditory includes people positioned at the high levels of national and international structures, Public Information Offices of NATO Regional HQs and other international and regional organizations, Ambassadors, Defense and Military Attaches, observers, consultants and advisors, highly specialized professionals and experts.